Topographic And Detail Surveying

Topographic and Detail surveying comes into play whenever you propose a new development.
For finalised designs, you’ll need to know the levels of a site, its surroundings and its features.

At PRS we capture all of this for you with accuracy and efficiency.

Level and Contour Surveys

Australian Height Datum (AHD) Level Surveys
Feature Surveys

Feature and Level Surveys

When constructing an extension, new dwelling or development, it is important to know the levels
and significant features of your site. The location of vegetation, services (both underground and above ground),
street crossovers, dwellings, windows and other information can all influence the design and construction
of a new development.

A Feature Survey assists in identifying these critical features. These plans are aimed to help design a development
that is sensitive to the surrounding area and is compliant with the requirements of Rescode.


The plan details many features including:

  • The position of adjoining houses and windows
  • The height of eaves, ridges and windows facing the subject site
  • Measuring multiple adjoining houses and street detail to create a better understanding of the streetscape
  • Locating road reserve details

View our example of a Feature Survey plan

Re-Establishment Surveys

When conducting a Feature survey, we will consult closely with yourself or your designer to ensure the relevant
information is supplied as each job is different to the next. Quite often a Re-Establishment Survey will also be required
at the same time as the Feature survey and can be done in unison.

View our example of a combined Feature and Re-Establishment Survey plan

Site Context Plans

To fulfill many of the planning requirements of local councils, it is often requested that a Site Context Plan
be prepared. These plans can vary in the level of detail, depending upon the scale of the project, the local council
responsible for its approval and the level of input being made by other professionals (such as architects,
town planners, etc.)

The details required by the survey will be based on the client and the professional responsible for lodging the application.

View our example of a Site Context plan

Why choose PRS?

  • PRS has been doing detailed level and contour, AHD and Feature surveys for over 28 years. We have a track record of success.
  • We have innovative tools and techniques that ensure your surveying is done with minimal errors regardless of the scale of your project.
  • We have decades of experience with plans that need to be approved by local councils. We’ll be able to give you expert advice to ensure the success of your development.

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