Understanding Commercial And Residential Land Surveyors

What Do Land Surveyors Do?


Land surveying is the measurement and mapping of the surrounding environment using a mix of mathematics and specialised technology. Land surveyors work on a large variety of projects, from land subdivision to tramway building and major construction. This article covers off some frequently asked questions about land surveying that we often encounter.


How Can A Land Surveyor Help Me?


Licensed or registered surveyors are experts in the profession who interpret and navigate legal aspects of land ownership. They also give advice and provide information to guide the work of engineers, architects and developers.


Whether you’re using a land surveyor for buying a property, measuring your land boundary, or a feature survey, we are professionals that can assist you at the start of building your dream house or development.


Which Type Of Land Survey Do I Need?


What type of land surveying service you need depends on your project. For example, a topographic and detail survey measures and identifies the exact location and specifications of natural and man-made features within an area of land. The survey is then drawn up into a precise and detailed plan. Features also include human-made features such as boundaries and footpaths, but also smaller details like manholes, drains, fences, lamp posts, and much more. The survey also picks up natural features such as trees, ponds and ground contours.


Cadastral surveying is required when dealing with land titles, defining or amending property boundaries and subdividing existing titles. This work is a mixture of both the surveying as well as legal aspects. A re-establishment survey, commonly referred to as a boundary survey, can serve a number of purposes but is primarily used to ensure any new construction is confined to the land actually within its own title, as fencing positions do not always indicate the true position of a title boundary.


Construction surveying ensures you have accurate and correct construction processes by setting out points, gridlines and reference lines.


How Can Peter Richards Surveying Help You?


Peter Richards Surveying have over 28 years of experience. We provide land surveying services in Melbourne and our team can help you with your unique project. From beginning with a quote, all the way through to liaising with local Councils and finalising your surveys, read more about why you should choose PRS as your preferred surveyor and how we tailor our work to suit your needs. You can also read more about land surveying costs in Melbourne and how your property, job type, and other factors can impact surveying fees.


If you want a free quote, you can contact us today. We are licensed land surveyors so you will have the peace of mind and security knowing that you have experts working on your project.


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