UAV & Scanning Services



Scanning Services

  Having the latest scanning technology, PRS can provide accurate and reliable information that is perfect for providing 3D rendered models, point cloud data, existing condition plans, internal floor plans, façade surveys for heritage buildings and/or elevation drawings. PRS obtaining and reporting this information often proves its value in time savings for a client who can turn their focus to other aspects knowing these results will be there for them.

How can laser scanning help?
  • Significantly reduce time on site, a great advantage for many
    projects where access or permission is restricted
  • Eliminates any potential call backs, as all data is captured.
  • 360-degree high resolution photography can be captured at the same
  • Produce 3D rendered models giving great visualisations of the existing conditions projects.

UAV Services

  With our enterprise grade drone hardware and leading software, PRS can efficiently capture accurate and co-ordinated 3D data for any project. Along with co-ordinated 3D data, drones can also capture hi-resolution images without any distortion.

Perfect to use for :
  • Large scale sites for initial design purposes.
  • Buildings where line of sight is unattainable.
  • Capturing large amounts of survey data and imagery over complex and large projects in a short period of time.
  • Volumetric cut and fill calculations.
  • Safely track progress of projects.