What Is A Fair Land Surveying Price?

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Land surveyor costs vary depending on the type of job. Whether you want to know more about boundary survey costs, or other land surveying fees, there are many factors that you need to take into account.


At Peter Richards Surveying, we have over 28 years of experience of providing customised services for land surveying in Melbourne. So, we can confidently tell you that land surveyor prices depend on the type of survey, how many times the property needs to be surveyed, and many other factors. Let’s look at these reasons in greater detail together in this mini-guide.


No Two Land Surveying Jobs Are The Same


It’s important to understand that there are no set prices for a land survey because each job is unique. The cost of your project may be as little as $350, or it could be thousands of dollars. For example, the cost of a boundary survey for a smaller property without much vegetation will be different to a much larger property with a lot of foliage. Oddly shaped land or a property in the mountains with elevation will also impact the outcome. In addition, simple things like travel time to the property may impact on your overall total cost for the survey.


Another factor that will impact the cost of hiring a land surveyor is the type of survey required. A subdivision survey is different from a set-out survey, which is different again from a feature survey. Given the case, a level and contour survey cost is different to property boundary survey costs.


The cost of land surveying will also depend on the type of project. For example, is it a knock down and rebuild, development, or an extension? Another consideration is the current site condition. Does it have an existing dwelling that needs to remain, or does it need to be demolished? Is construction already happening? Or maybe it’s a completely vacant property. The property status will influence the land surveyor fees.


Now that you have more information, when you start your search of “land surveyor near me”, it’s a good idea to give as many details about your property as possible to ensure an accurate quote. Even details that seem very obvious, like the address of your property and whether it’s a townhouse or apartment. If you do the following and include relevant documentation, for example a copy of your property title and planning documents, these will help provide the most accurate land surveying cost.


What can Peter Richards Surveying do for you?


Discovering what surveying services you need can be tricky, so we created a brief land surveying mini-guide that discusses the various forms. You can also read more about why you should choose PRS as your preferred surveyor and how we tailor our work to suit your needs.


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