Project overview


Located in Whittlesea, this ultimate family fun park is a key part of the growing community in this region. PRS has been a part of its growth since the beginning, assisting park owners with set out works for the various slides, the pirate ship and other rides and attractions.


Fourteen years ago when PRS was first approached by the Funfields director, we never imagined the extent that this fun park would grow. The relationship started when the site contained a toboggan track and water slide – now the site also features a giant water slide, kiddies’ pool, go-kart track, swinging pirate ship and family barbeque areas to name some. Initially it was essential to capture all details as a means to ensure efficient use of the space and the retention of as many natural features as possible – this was done by means of a feature survey.


Till this day we continue to help Funfields grow, as the park develops a second giant water slide with plans to add other rides in the near future. Because of this continual state of growth, our team at PRS continues to update the sites feature survey plans on a regular basis and complete set-out work for pools, slides, and all other elements on the fun park site.


At PRS you can guarantee our commitment and be confident that we have the knowledge and the capabilities to produce the best work time after time – no matter how unique it may be!