Cadastral Surveying

Cadastral surveying is required when dealing with land titles, defining or amending property boundaries
and subdividing existing titles. Here at PRS, our services cover both the surveying as well as legal aspect.



Re-Establishment (Boundary) Surveys




Re-Establishment (Boundary) Surveys

Commonly referred to as boundary surveys, this type of survey is used to determine the precise location
of the boundaries of an existing title. This can serve a number of purposes but is primarily used
to ensure any new construction is confined to the land actually within its own title as
fencing positions do not always indicate the true position of a title boundary.



Typically, to create any new title an existing title must be subdivided.

Subdivisions can be of vacant land, units, townhouses, factories and multi-level buildings.


Each subdivision generally follows the same process. This includes:

  • Plan prepared by a Licensed Surveyor.
  • Re-Establishment Surveys.
  • Submissions to the relevant local Council for planning approval.
  • Referral to the relevant statutory authorities regarding the service of the land/site.
  • Statement of Compliance from Council so that lodgement
    with Land Victoria can be undertaken and new titles issued.


Subdivisions Timelines


This process can take a number of months or even years to complete, depending on the complexity of the project.


PRS has detailed, effective internal processes in place to ensure we complete projects within the best possible timeframe. Given that this is a process requiring planning approval by a local council, statutory timeframes place strict limitations on how soon a project can be completed.


Our Subdivision Officers have a thorough knowledge of the subdivision process. Tracy and Wendy are the main point of contact for local councils, servicing authorities and our clients regarding the status of a subdivision project. They will ensure a subdivision runs smoothly from start to end.

Why choose PRS?

The subdivision process is often complicated and can take months to years to complete depending on your needs.

  • PRS has devised detailed, effective internal processes that make sure your project is completed as soon as possible.
  • Through 28+ years of experience, our subdivision officers have a thorough knowledge of the subdivision process. We will ensure your subdivision runs smoothly from start to end.
  • Tracy and Wendy are our established main point of contact for local councils and servicing authorities. They’ll let you know of the status of your subdivision project, so you’ll never be left guessing.

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