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Do you need reliable property surveying in Melbourne. As you begin the steps to build your dream home or an investment property or development, property surveying is often one of the first things needed.


Peter Richards Surveying have over 28 years of experience of providing customised services for property surveying in Melbourne. You can rest easy knowing your project is in the hands of experts. In this mini-guide, we will discuss how our team can help you with your unique project, from beginning with a free quote all the way through to liaising with local Councils and finalising your surveys.




Property Surveying Services


Whether building or renovating, the process involves many professionals and trades. Peter Richards Surveying has decades of experience as a land and property surveyor in Melbourne, providing customised services throughout the Melbourne metropolitan area and beyond.


You can rest easy knowing this aspect of your project is in the hands of experts!


How Can Peter Richards Surveying Assist You?


Following the purchase of a property or land, or if you have decided to renovate/ extend or develop an existing property, there are a number of land surveying services you may need.


The first step is to provide us with your property address and project details. Once we have these details, we can then arrange a free quote outlining the work we can do for you and a timeframe.


Whether it is establishing the boundaries of the property, detailing the levels and contours and features both on the property and within an area around the property, setting out new buildings or dwellings, Peter Richards Surveying can assist.


We also assist clients when subdividing a property, guiding them through the involved process with councils and various authorities so they can obtain separate titles and complete their development.


We commonly work in unison with your builder or architect ensuring they have the information and property surveying services needed for your project to move along smoothly.


Why choose Peter Richards Property Surveying for your project or development?


Whether it’s your personal home, investment, or development, we respect that it’s a huge asset for you and that you should be supported by professional and accurate advice. We also understand you don’t want to take risks that could endanger your project and finances!


Peter Richards Surveying has a reputation for excellent work and service. Our dedicated teams include licensed land surveyors who oversee our processes, work, and staff to ensure we are compliant with the requirements of Land Use Victoria and relevant legislation. Ensuring that you have licensed surveyors working on your project is crucial because the financial risks if something goes wrong using unlicensed surveyors can be dire.


You can have peace of mind when using our services that the information and survey results we provide are accurate and can be readily incorporated and utilised in development and building plans. We’re there for you during the entire process and support you every step of the way.


Contact us today for your free quote. We’re ready to assist you and provide professional services for your project!


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We know that discovering what surveying services you need can be tricky sometimes, so we created a brief land surveying mini-guide that discusses the various forms. You can also read more about land surveying costs in Melbourne and how your property, job type, and other factors can impact surveying fees.